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Nineveh 90: Week 2 Update

Today ends Week 2 of the Nineveh 90 challenge. The last week has been ... rocky, to say the least. Week 1 was pretty easy, to be honest; but this past week I've definitely felt the spiritual pressure. So much that can't be talked about online, and even barely able to be discussed in person. It's a very dry time right now.

1. Let go of repetitive sin
I'm focusing on the absent-minded computer time, which was off to a good start at the beginning of the week, but miserably failed at the end of the week. 

2. Wear the Brown Scapular, attend daily Mass if possible, go to Confession monthly
Check, check for Sunday Mass, and I'm intending on going to Confession at the Catholic Women's Conference in a couple weeks (or earlier if I need it, of course!).

3. Daily prayer: Morning Offering, Angelus, Rosary, Holy Hour or 20 minutes (not neccessarily before the Blessed Sacrament), bedtime prayers
Failed miserably. Prayer is incredibly hard to do, it all feels so pointless and e…

How We Use "The Story of Civilization"

The Story of Civilization is a four-volume tour of world history, written from a Catholic perspective. It is published by TAN Books, and written by Phillip Campbell. There are books, a teacher's manual, activity book, audio dramatization, a timeline, and even video lectures that go along with it - we just have the book, the teacher's manual, and the activity manual.

We aim to cover one chapter a week. We do World History twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm all for Keeping It Simple, so everyone who is not napping sits in during World History time. I've done something sneaky and put it into our teatime rotation, so the kids are happily occupied with hot chocolate and popcorn. Hot chocolate is a special event here, so the kids are quiet and listening as they know that shenanigans will pull the plug on their blissful hot chocolate during teatime sessions. As the weather continues to warm up, we'll change from hot cocoa to things like freeze pops, frozen…

Nineveh 90: Week 1 Update

Everyone who is in the Nineveh 90 challenge wrapped up their first week yesterday. I thought I'd break down how I've been doing, given that penance hasn't exactly been a strong suit for me. 

Nineveh 90 – Ten Elements (source)

>> For these 90 days, resolve to let go of repetitive sin you struggle with
I've been working hard on making sure I use my time wisely and not just fritter it away doing mindless surfing of the Internet. It's been hard but I think I'm slowly working towards a balance between what I need to be online doing (paying bills, homeschool, etc) and using it as a tool. >> Wear Brown Scapular (Scapular Medal allowed) – Akin to Sackcloth
Check. >> Daily Mass (This is more of an encouragement, as many cannot do this)
Right now we just go to Mass on Sundays, as the dailies that are locally are not possible to attend. >> Confession (at least once a month … immediately following grave sin)
Yup. >> Support System: Create …

The Best Day Ever: Cast-off Day

At 8:40 this morning, we checked into the orthopaedic surgeon's office to do one thing: take off that blasted cast!! 

Thankfully, they doctor's office wasn't running behind schedule, so we were able to go back almost right after we checked in. The cast took a while to cut off, given that it was stretching from mid-thigh down to his toes - and had several layers of fiberglass wrapped around it. There wasn't any problems with removing it.

Moose had more x-rays done and they show AMAZING bone regrowth. He will continue to have x-rays to ensure that his leg is healing straight and that the bone continues to regrow. His next round is in the end of March, thank God.

Right now Moose is having a rough re-entry to the land of bipedalism, but nothing out of the ordinary. Those leg muscles are weak! But, he's a trooper and working hard to try and get less wobbly. That will come in time - we just don't want him pushing himself too hard or too far.

I'm glad that this is…

Monday Minutes

Outside my window:
:: The roads outside are literally a sheet of ice. We've had warm weather, melting snow and even rain, which then all refreezes during the night. Last week the county Sheriff declared "emergency travel only" (which of course went out after Greg had gone to work, grr).

I am thankful:
:: We are nearing the end of Moose's leg journey. I'm beyond ready for that cast to be off. Tuesday we will be making some Valentines for the surgeon, his nurses and P.A.s, as well as the surgical center where his surgery took place. We can deliver them on the 15th.

I am thinking:
:: about summer travel plans...

I am working on:
:: beginning the Spring deep cleaning and decluttering spree. Greg and I have done the preliminary sweep, but I imagine we will need multiple sweeps in order to get it thoroughly decluttered and to allow for the many kid interruptions/hours in a day/etc. I'm so ready to fling the windows WIDE open and air this entire place out.

I am prayi…

Changes are a-foot

As you can see, there are some changes happening around here on ye olde blog. I pulled all the posts into draft setting, so I can check links/update pictures/polish and repost them back online. I'm also working on changing the focus of the blog from personal day-to-day events to more nuts-and-bolts about how we homeschool, how I teach subjects like Shakespeare, the nitty-gritty of running the house, things of that like. I'm envisioning something more topical and less mundane, as I finally feel like I have something to offer to the homeschool community at large (now that I've been doing this for about 4 years).

You can tell by the tagline that I also changed curriculum at some point (again). I detest changing curriculum, it's not easy to do and it's hard on the kids. So I don't take changing curriculum lightly.

I started off with Mater Amabilis, which was great. It fit well with our family. I love that it is entirely Catholic and has great books selected that ar…