Monday Minutes

Outside my window:
:: The roads outside are literally a sheet of ice. We've had warm weather, melting snow and even rain, which then all refreezes during the night. Last week the county Sheriff declared "emergency travel only" (which of course went out after Greg had gone to work, grr).

I am thankful:
:: We are nearing the end of Moose's leg journey. I'm beyond ready for that cast to be off. Tuesday we will be making some Valentines for the surgeon, his nurses and P.A.s, as well as the surgical center where his surgery took place. We can deliver them on the 15th.

I am thinking:
:: about summer travel plans...

I am working on:
:: beginning the Spring deep cleaning and decluttering spree. Greg and I have done the preliminary sweep, but I imagine we will need multiple sweeps in order to get it thoroughly decluttered and to allow for the many kid interruptions/hours in a day/etc. I'm so ready to fling the windows WIDE open and air this entire place out.

I am praying:
:: for my Mom and Dad
:: for a happy and healthy pregnancy of a friend's fifth baby
:: for a happy and healthy pregnancy of a friend's fourth baby
:: special intention for Greg
:: for all priests
:: for the souls in Purgatory
:: for my standard litany of regular intentions - conversion of life, several special intentions, etc

I am reading:

One of my favorite things:
:: Um, cast off day? The lovely tulips I have on the table to make it seem like spring is springing? Tea? :)

Clicking around on the web:
:: Have you heard about Nineveh 90? It is a group of men and women undergoing penance and prayers, in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. It begins today (February 13) and you can find more information here. Don't be intimidated by the list of elements if you choose to do this - remember, the whole point is prayer and penance; not burn out to the max and run yourself into the ground.
This week's plans:
:: Science School
:: Parish patron celebration


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