Nineveh 90: Week 1 Update

Everyone who is in the Nineveh 90 challenge wrapped up their first week yesterday. I thought I'd break down how I've been doing, given that penance hasn't exactly been a strong suit for me. 

Nineveh 90 – Ten Elements (source)

>> For these 90 days, resolve to let go of repetitive sin you struggle with
I've been working hard on making sure I use my time wisely and not just fritter it away doing mindless surfing of the Internet. It's been hard but I think I'm slowly working towards a balance between what I need to be online doing (paying bills, homeschool, etc) and using it as a tool.
>> Wear Brown Scapular (Scapular Medal allowed) – Akin to Sackcloth
>> Daily Mass (This is more of an encouragement, as many cannot do this)
Right now we just go to Mass on Sundays, as the dailies that are locally are not possible to attend.
>> Confession (at least once a month … immediately following grave sin)
>> Support System: Create or join a “Nineveh 90 Squad” of 3-8 people. Meet 1-3 times per week (in person or online). Join together with an “Accountability Buddy.” Meet daily or, at least, 3 times a week.
I am in two Facebook groups, one for moms and one for homeschooling moms. I tend to find myself checking into the group for homeschooling moms more than the other one. I have an accountability buddy and it's been nice knowing I'm not in it alone.
>> Daily Prayer
  • Morning Offering
  • Angelus (6,Noon,6)
  • Rosary
  • Holy Hour (or at least 20 minutes – does not need to be before the Blessed Sacrament)
  • Bedtime Prayers
Everything is entirely possible except I have been missing the 6 o'clock Angelus. Apparently 6pm is prime freakout time for the kids, and I would like to figure out why. I usually try and pray it once the storms have passed. Without doing this time of prayer and penance, I wouldn't have figured out that 6 o'clock is a very hard time in the house, for whatever reason.

I also used to think I was too busy to pray, turns out I was just filling my day with mindless distractions.
>> For 90 Days, Commit to …
  • Regular and intense exercise
I'm doing exercise every other day, as I haven't been active as much as I ought and I'd prefer not to go from zero to one-hundred and hurt myself.
  • Seven hours of sleep is essential
This has been hit or miss, depending on how Nugget is sleeping (or not).
  • No alcohol
I'm not really a big alcohol drinker, given my semi-regulat states of pregnant and/or nursing.
  • No desserts & sweets
This has been ridiculously hard because I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I've been staying strong though, for the most part. WHEW. 
  • No eating between meals
You don't know how many times I've stopped myself from doing this, which turns out I tend to do when I'm either bored or stressed. News to me!
  • No soda or sweetened drinks
We don't do soda too much around here, so I've reduced the amount of sugar that I have in my tea. My goal is to go to just straight black but it's hard y'all. I'm doing a slow taper. I did cut out my mocha latte from Costco which I looooooooove. (Greg actually went to Costco on Sunday just to get me a mocha latte as a "good job on week 1" gesture. :) )
  • No television or movies (news allowed)
I do admit to watching Cheers! each night with Greg, because that's something he likes to do with me.
  • Only music that lifts the soul to God
My times in the car are silent. I've been downloading homilies, I need to get them onto CD so I can put them in the car (or get some sort of a car adapter so I can play them off my tablet). 
  • No televised sports (one per week allowed)
Can't give up what you don't already do. ;) Good thing this isn't during the World Series! 
  • Limit recreational computer time (only use for personal needs and fulfillment. May be needed for Nineveh 90 too)
As I mentioned above, this has been a delicate point for me. I need to be online since some of the books we use in homeschooling is online, as well as things like paying bills. But do I need to check Facebook a lot? Nope, unless I'm checking in on the Nineveh groups. 

There are days of fasting and abstinence that I've modified as I'm still nursing Nugget. I don't do the fasting, but I do try to do the abstinence. If I can't for whatever reason, I add extra prayers in. I've been mainly listening to my body - eating and drinking when I'm hungry, not eating just because I'm bored, upping protein and removing mostly carby junk food, that sort of thing.

This is extremely hard for me to do but very rewarding spiritually, physically, and mentally. Only by the grace of God have I been able to fulfill most of the obligations. It really has been a stark reminder of how little I can do on my own and how much I absolutely have to rely on God to do even the most basic things.

More importantly, when I do cave in (sugar), I find myself being easier on myself. Less perfectionistic scruples, more grace and mercy. I'm only human and therefore it's just a matter of getting back up and starting over again. 

Onward to week 2!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have flu right now so can't say anything profound, but I found your post helpful. (Internet time wasting is my weakness too...)
    Keep us posted

    1. Ugh, the flu? Prayers for a speedy recovery. :)


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