A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Well, hello! It's been a while.

My days are busy and full, and many times I've thought "I really should write about [insert topic here] on the blog!" However, life tends to happen and that's how we end up almost a month from my last post. ;-)

We're in the final stretch of school before we have a break for the summer. I've almost purchased all the books I need for Year 2 (Moose) and Year 4 (Peanut). I have several books that I need to pre-read as I'm substituting them in - the Geology book I found for 4th grade is fantastic and full of experiments.

This is the book, if you're curious.
* * *
I am working through a wonderful resource on habit training Charlotte Mason style that I'll be posting a review about soon. So far, I'm impressed - it's one part book, one part journal, one part guide. I need a lot of hand-holding in the habits department, and this book is exactly what I've been looking for.

* * *
I took (several) nudges from God and started a local Charlotte Mason group. I'm pretty thrilled, and we've taken a couple nature walks at a nearby lake. Eventually I want to get together monthly for book discussions, reading the original books Charlotte wrote and discussing them, and so on. But for now, we are doing actual nature study (something that just wasn't happening before, ugh) and meeting new people. This is SO far out of my comfort zone but it's really paying off.

* * *
I hope to write a little bit about how we schedule our days. I'm talking with a friend who wants to homeschool her kids and she had a plethora of questions on how I schedule all the readings, do the nature walks, do the therapies, etc. I have a post sitting in drafts about this, so it's clearly time to polish it up and post it. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can get it up. But my history isn't exactly promising in terms of "prompt posting". :-)

* * *
Mother's Day in the United States is this weekend, so a happy and blessed Mother's Day to all you hard-working Mamas. :)


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