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The family hanging out with Mr. Tommy T (Baby Wok is on my back). Circa 2013. See below for the 2014 edition of this picture.
I'm a convert to Catholicism, after being raised nominally Lutheran and having some brief stints as an atheist in college. I began researching Catholicism in 2002 and was received into the Church in 2006. I thank God for the gift of my conversion, as my relationship with Christ has been transformed and deepened since my reception. I also am an Oblate of the Order of St. Benedict - I'm drawn to the monastic way of life and have only been drawn deeper into the Paschal Mystery and love of Christ.

I am married with nine kids, with five living here with us. We have lost four children through early miscarriage caused by Factor V Leiden. Our children are busy interceding for us until we arrive home with them.

I am struggling with the Cross of mental illness: depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It's a long road but the path of my sanctification and deeper union with the Suffering Christ.

I'm a stay at home mom to our children, and my husband is a software developer. It's been quite a change from being a college graduate to a stay at home mom, but thanks be to God and His graces, I'm getting things figured out.

The family hanging out with Mr. Tommy T (Little Miss Sunshine is with her Grandparents, who took this picture). Circa 2014.
About the blog
I began this blog as a way to find support in my conversion, especially in my reception into the Church. I lost a bunch of friends and who knows what else. Since my reception, marriage, and having children; it's grown into a blog where I write about my life as a Catholic mom - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our precious children in Heaven, pray for us until we meet again.
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Why 'Bear Wrongs Patiently'?
To bear wrongs patiently is a spiritual act of mercy. While I fail a great deal at this, I find incredible peace when I can bear wrongs patiently. I know I have committed many wrongs against people, therefore I can't get too hung up when wrongs are given to me.


  1. Thank you for sharing your trials regarding scrupulosity...I am struggling greatly. Please pray for me-please. Elizabeth

  2. I'm so glad to meet you through blogging and I very much understand the panic attacks and OCD/anxiety as I work with my son who also deals with that. God bless you abundantly! Already you have given me cause to rejoice because you went to college...you are married with children...THAT right there gives me hope for my son. Many blessings!+

  3. P.S. I added your blog to my blogroll - and it turns out you are the FIRST on the roll because it's in alphabetical order! ;)

  4. I have to leave another comment as I read your "About" and remember how wonderful it is to know is :) Fight the good fight! Grace and peace to you!


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